China Textile City: cotton fabric turnover ring growth

03-23 2021


Recently, China Textile City market spring cotton fabric hanging sample listed varieties of local increase, transaction batch ring growth, knitted and woven fabric interaction, even day sales shock push up, transaction prices to basic stability, local small up.

Recently, the spring cotton fabrics due to weaving production or processing enterprises to increase the start-up rate, some small and micro-enterprise start-up rate is still relatively inadequate, part of the enterprise orders to undertake is still relatively limited. From the recent sales of cotton blanks, because the current cotton blanks have part of the popular batch prices are still slightly up.

26S fine cotton knitted fabric door width 185CM, 160g / square meter fabric local door small batch shipment. 32S fine cotton knitted plain fabric door width 190CM, 130g / square meter fabric local dynamic sales increase. 21S combed cotton knitted single-sided brushed fabric door width 185CM, 180g / square meter fabric local best-selling, small batch more batch shipment local increase. 21S cotton Knitted plain weave fabric door 185CM, 180g/m2 fabric local smooth sales.

Knitted cotton pull frame door width 173CM, 180g/m2 special black color fabric local small and medium batch shipment, rose red, emerald green, Bao Lan color fabric local small and medium batch shipment. 32S combed cotton knitted dense root wool-eating width 185CM, 190g/m2 peach, rose, pink, pink orchid, flower gray + bleached color fabric partial small to medium quantities. 32S cotton knitted stretcher width 170CM, 180g/m2 bleached color fabric partial small to medium quantities. 32S cotton knitted stretcher width 170CM, 180g/m2 bleached color fabric partial small to medium quantities. 32S cotton knitted stretcher width 170CM, 180g/m2 bleached color fabric partial small to medium quantities. 32S cotton knitted stretcher width 170CM, 180g/m2 bleached color fabric partial small to medium quantities. The fabric is shipped in small and medium quantities.

Recent market, finished cotton fabric marketing continue to spread, contact the downstream market preparation work than in previous years increased. From the marketing situation shows that the spring woven workwear class cotton gauze card, cotton poplin, cotton canvas and cotton denim and other conventional varieties of local sales increase, part of the counterpart dyed cotton gauze card and cotton denim has more batches of small and medium volume transactions. Spring cotton fabrics in the color woven striped cotton cloth, has become one of the best-selling varieties of cotton cloth, even days there are mainly small batch transactions. Part of the women's dress or shirt class color stripes color lattice cotton fabric, there are still batches of transactions, the price is basically stable, the new style stripes fabric marketing advantages continue to appear.

In the past few days, pure cotton yarn 21S/2×10S, 72×40 specifications rolled and dyed bead sail door width 150CM local small and medium batch delivery, bright orchid color fabric Hunan Zhuzhou, Jiangsu Changshu and Shandong Jimo, Jiaozhou local still have small and medium batch delivery. Cotton yarn 16S × 12S, 108 × 56 gin dyed yarn card, cotton yarn 20S × 16S, 128 × 60 gin dyed yarn card, part of the size of the business market still have batch sales, domestic and foreign trade orders localized each undertake, but the transaction is still insufficient, counterparts holding a single wait-and-see is still more, part of the domestic demand batch to credit transactions are still insufficient. Cotton printing poplin, cotton printing sarong, cotton printing canvas department distribution industry companies and large-scale business market each batch deal, creative flower fabric local deal smoothly, fabric to quality wins. Spring and summer fabrics to cotton yarn 40S × 40S, 133 × 72 active printing poplin local scale management market to the style of continuous renovation to win, much of the counterpart customers. Some informal density products, especially cotton yarn 30S × 30S, 32S × 32S, 40S × 40S class printing poplin and other low-grade printing varieties of new style fabric is also favored by counterpart customers, fabric prices to lower than the regular density products and ushered in part of the counterparts of the small batch of multi-variety pattern subscription is more enthusiastic, local market spot transactions and order patterns are still relatively more.

Recent light textile city traditional market part of the scale of operation of large and part of the small and medium-sized business stores with spring cotton cloth hanging samples listed varieties of local continue to increase, more to absorb orders, to machine dyed, gin dyed class cotton cloth to make school uniforms, workwear, professional clothing is the main, part of the scale of business stores still have bulk orders sent. Cotton gin and dyed yarn card, cotton gin and dyed canvas, cotton gin and dyed thread silk, part of the scale of the business market still have bulk orders to undertake, but the overall market transactions are still inadequate.



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