Fabric Introduction-Taffeta

10-30 2020


Taffeta, also known as taffeta silk, taffeta spinning, is a kind of cooked woven high-grade silk weave with plain tissue. The warp yarn is made of double twist cooked silk, the weft yarn is made of single twist cooked silk, and the plain weave organization is the ground, the density of the weave is high, and it is one of the closest varieties of silk weave.

Taffeta is characterized by fine and smooth silk surface, flat and beautiful, good luster, tightly woven, feel stiff, but easy to produce permanent creases after folding. Therefore, it is not suitable for folding and heavy pressure, commonly used in roll packaging.

There are many varieties of taffeta, according to the raw materials used: silk taffeta, double palace silk taffeta, silk-cotton interwoven taffeta, silk weft taffeta, rayon taffeta, polyester silk taffeta and so on. According to the weaving process, there are plain taffeta, shiny taffeta, striped taffeta, jacquard taffeta, etc. The plain taffeta is woven with a single color dyed silk; the shiny taffeta uses different colors of warp and weft silk to form a shiny effect after weaving, and the striped taffeta uses different colors of warp and connecting silk arranged at regular intervals to form a striped effect after weaving; the jacquard taffeta is called flower taffeta, which is woven on the plain ground of plain taffeta with satin warp pattern. Taffeta is tight and fine, the silk surface is flat, smooth and meticulous, feel stiff, bright color, soft and bright color light. Not easy to stain the dust. Mainly used as women's spring and autumn clothing, festival dresses, down jacket fabrics, etc.

Silk taffeta

It is the warp and weft of mulberry silk first refined and degummed into refined silk (cooked silk), and woven into the first refined silk with plain tissue, also called cooked goods.There are three kinds of taffeta, taffeta and flower taffeta, all of which are traditional varieties that are famous in the world, and are also specialties of Zhejiang and Jiangsu in China.  The characteristics of taffeta, due to its warp and weft threads are specially processed. Such as warp thread, is 20/22D mulberry silk 1 first add S twist 800T/m, then 2 combined with 2 twist 600T/m; weft thread is 20/22D mulberry silk 1 first add S twist 600T/m, then 3 combined processing twist 600T/m. Then the warp and weft thread refining, woven into taffeta. Therefore, the warp and weft threads are closely interlaced, the gaps are tiny, the silk surface appears to be unusually flat, and because the warp and weft threads are specially processed, the silk body is firm and soft. The width and weight of the taffeta or flower taffeta can be arranged according to the needs, such as 90cm, 13.5m/m, and 100, 114cm, 12, 16m/m, etc. Taffeta is the top of women's dresses, Europe and the United States and many regions of women are very popular. But taffeta production process is complex, production is not much, only a limited supply, so it is more valuable and rare.



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