Cost up, maintenance increase, polyester staple fiber prices rose slightly

09-19 2021


Spot prices: This week (9.10-9.17) domestic polyester staple fiber spot prices rose slightly, the transaction picked up slightly. According to Business News Service price monitoring shows that on September 17, the average price of polyester staple fiber in East China quoted at about 7,151 yuan / ton, up 0.94% from last week, up 29.15%. Most manufacturers offer up about 50-300 yuan / ton.

Futures market: September 17 staple fiber futures PF2201 contract futures price closed at 7032, up 214, or 3.14% over last week. Nearly recovered the lost ground in the previous week. Settlement price of 7050 yuan; volume of 728,160 lots; position of 127,526, basis difference of 119. This week's domestic polyester industry chain futures rose and fell, PTA main up 3.90%, ethylene glycol main up 3.45%.

Analysis: 1. This week, international crude oil prices shocked higher. Storms hit the United States Texas and Louisiana crude oil production is slow to resume, API crude oil and refined oil inventories fell; 2. This week, PTA by the double control of production restrictions and device overhaul prices; 3. Cost up, plant maintenance increase, supply shrinkage, inventory decline, staple fiber now futures prices have rebounded.

Forecast: polyester staple fiber trend in the early part of the continued downturn, the industry into a loss, the recent rebound. After the peak season of the textile and apparel industry or will come, short-term polyester staple fiber or still have the momentum to go higher. Concerned about the trend of crude oil PTA and demand by the double control policy.

Source: Business News



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