Polyester filament: DTY has risen nearly 2,000 yuan/ton!

10-15 2021


At the end of the third quarter, under the influence of the power restriction policy, downstream weaving, printing and dyeing enterprises stopped in a large area, and demand fell sharply, and polyester filaments faced the risk of accumulation. However, under the support of the cost side, the focus of market discussions continued to rise. After the National Day holiday, the rising trend of raw materials continued. Due to the pressure on the cost side, polyester filaments continued to rise.

The price trend of mainstream polyester filament models in 2021

Since September, the transaction price of polyester filament has continued to decline. With the successive implementation of power curtailment policies in various places, demand has plummeted, and the supply pressure of polyester filament has been highlighted. In mid-to-late September, the inventory of polyester filament enterprises reached a It is believed that the autumn and winter orders will be overdrawn in advance, and the National Day holiday market will not be able to replicate the prosperity of last year, so we plan to plan preferential sales before the holiday. With the further pressure on the power restriction policies in various places, polyester filament production enterprises have also successively reduced their burdens, and both supply and demand have dropped. At the same time as the price of raw materials has risen, and the cost side has helped, the story of polyester filament has reversed at the end of September and fluctuated upward.

There are many doubts in the National Day holiday market. Some industry players believe that the holiday market is unknown or maintain a stable pattern. If demand hardly changes after the holiday, or repeat the mistake of "discounting", they are quite cautious on the eve of the holiday. However, as the oil price continues to rise, the price of raw materials also rises accordingly, and the enthusiasm of polyester filament manufacturers is soaring. At this time, because of the large-scale parking of the texturing companies, Taicang, Xiaoshao, Cixi, Changxing and other texturing companies park more places. Power cuts, the start of work at the end of the month fell to around 30%, a decrease of 37.8% from the previous week, which became the lowest point in the industry after the Spring Festival holiday. The polyester-supported texturing device has also dropped negatively. Some models have a tight schedule. Therefore, " Driven by the market sentiment of tight goods, the price of texturing has soared, while the prices of other varieties such as POY have also fluctuated up, and the prices of FDY have also risen slightly due to its cash flow loss. In summary, the polyester filament market continued to rise due to the dual benefits of cost support and supply reduction during the National Day.

After the National Day, as the power restriction policy in the cluster market has gradually slowed down the rebound of downstream demand, polyester filament yarns are out of control! As the star variety in this round of rising, DTY increased by nearly 2,000 yuan/ton in the past month, which is more than 1,000 yuan compared with before the holiday.

Recently, I heard: Jiangsu has once again launched the plan to stop production and limit electricity, and implement the strategy of starting four and stopping two. What kind of fluctuations will the textile and chemical fiber market usher in?

As mentioned above, the spot supply of some DTY models was tight due to the large-scale parking of bombs, and the cost support boosted the market sentiment. The polyester filaments partially appeared "grabbing" and the effect of destocking was obvious. The power curtailment policy may continue until the end of the year, so the supply and demand of polyester filament may remain low.

 Changes in the inventory trend of the main types of polyester filaments in 2021 and comparison of the start-ups of polyester filaments in 2019-2021

Since the National Day holiday, the effect of polyester filament destocking has been significant, and the reduction of polyester filament production is still increasing, so there is no downside risk for polyester filament in the short term. However, the continuous increase has increased the resistance of downstream users, and the current production and sales have dropped significantly, so the growth rate of polyester filament may slow down slightly. In the medium and long term, changes in the cost side and policy orientation are key factors affecting the price trend of polyester filaments. At this stage, the market is volatile, and it is recommended that the industry is safe.

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