Changxing County will build 100 billion modern textile industry cluster

01-09 2012


2011 was a happy year for Changxing County, which was awarded the first "China Filament Weaving City" by the China Filament Weaving Association. At the same time, the title, Changxing County also has its own development goals, with 5 years to build the textile industry into a "complete before and after, high school and low supporting, three high two low" modern textile industry cluster of 100 billion.

At present, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province has become the third largest textile production capacity of Zhejiang Province after Shaoxing, Xiaoshan, textile industry has a long history, large scale, filament manufacturing features are significant, is the national home textile fabrics, clothing accessories, curtain fabric is one of the main supply.

Changxing County, the characteristics of the textile industry cluster can be described as "four more two high", one is the total amount of more, in 2010, filament weaving output of nearly 5 billion meters, accounting for 20% of the national filament weaving output; two is more equipment, at present Changxing County has a total of more than 50,000 various types of textile machinery; three is more varieties, more heavy, imitation cotton, wool fabric mainly, including conventional products and special products; four is more brands, currently has a total of four provincial brand-name products, the county's 18 textile enterprises 262 see the trademark has been registered outside the trademark; five is a higher degree of product simulation, filament products to imitate the majority of cotton fabrics, not only to enhance the added value of the product, but also in line with the textile industry in the 12th Five-Year Development Plan to imitate cotton, imitation wool, imitation silk and imitation hemp and other directions Development trends; six is a high level of innovation, textile enterprises have five provincial-level research and development centers.

In recent years, Changxing County, textile enterprises continue to improve the competitive strength of the emergence of Weida, Changxing silk, Shengbang chemical fiber, Shengfa printing and dyeing and other leading backbone enterprises, and the formation of a brand-name product echelon pattern.

According to the information of Forward Industry Research Institute, as of 2010, Changxing County has 1 Chinese well-known trademark, 3 national inspection-free products, 2 provincial famous trademarks and 2 provincial famous brand products. 70% of the enterprises in the county have obtained ISO9001 quality certification, Jin Sanfa bonded lining has obtained foreign quality certification, Hengxin's satin fabric has registered the trademark of "Hengxin International" in Dubai, and 4 meters of extra wide plain weave nylon is the designated product of New Jersey tourism in the United States.

Changxing County textile industry has taken shape and gradually formed a relatively complete industrial chain from textile weaving, raw materials, dyeing and finishing to textile and garment production. However, at the same time, it also presents the characteristics of many production enterprises, large economic volume and low-cost competition, which will lay the foundation for the rapid development of Changxing County in filament weaving industry in the future.



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