Huzhou Changxing become the third large textile production capacity in Zhejiang

06-04 2018


Since this year, by the positive signals of the external market and the dual factors of continuous internal transformation and upgrading, the county's textile industry from upstream spinning to midstream chemical fiber weaving, dyeing and finishing, and then downstream to the end product, are showing a good trend of both production and sales. The status of the county's pillar industries is further highlighted.

From January to April this year, the county's textile industry achieved a total output value of 9.93 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%. In addition, due to the stable price of textile fabrics, the textile export situation also showed a better trend, a total of 909 million yuan of exports in the first quarter, an increase of 26.09%. Among them, the chemical fiber industry exports to achieve a greater breakthrough, completed exports of 148 million yuan, an increase of 147.64%.

Vice President of Zhejiang Textile Association, Changxing County Textile Association Chairman Yao Hoeqiang.

Changxing's textile industry through years of efforts, the entire sales market and the advantages of the varieties have gradually manifested. In the national supply-side structural reform, especially after the county government to give support in all aspects, has produced very good benefits.

In the 1980s, Changxing textile industry gradually emerged, and now has developed into the third largest textile capacity county in the province after Shaoxing and Xiaoshan. Over the years, the whole industry has never stopped the pace of transformation and upgrading, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber weaving, nonwovens, etc. have been effectively rectified and upgraded, and the types of products have been extended and the technical content has been gradually improved. As the county's largest livelihood industry, Changxing textile will continue to focus on the introduction of talent, industrial clustering, product innovation, enterprise development, etc., and continue to deepen industrial transformation and upgrading, better help to promote the textile county to textile county leap.

Vice President of Zhejiang Textile Association, Changxing County Textile Association Chairman Yao Hoeqiang.

Changxing textile in the scale, branding and fashion with developed areas there is still a certain distance, we must further accelerate the introduction of talent, scientific and technological innovation, the brand and end products as a major direction, to improve the added value of products and brand influence.



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